Three FAVOURITE quotes.

You don’t have a soul…You are a soul.   You have a body.     C.S Lewis

Does anybody really think that they didn’t get what they had because they didn’t have the talent or the strength or the endurance or the commitment?  Nelson Mandela

Its not the eagerly anticipated event that is so wonderful. Its the eager anticipation. SLW

Little bit scary?

During the writing of this book I really didn’t want anyone else to read it, not even a little bit of it.

I guess it was because that I wanted to just let my thoughts flow. I knew that if I let someone read a bit and they didn’t like it then it would alter my own way of thinking in some small way.

So I guess I can say that this book is all me in my humble entirety!

Pretty daunting and a little scary to put yourself out there like that, but hey…you only get criticised if you are running with the ball!

The Secret to Life

My children have given me so much inspiration.

Tahnee was living in London and Lars was manager of this gorgeous little bar just around the corner.

They made the most delicious cocktails!

Tahnee and I had spent the day shopping and we had all our purchases in lots of paper bags and we were pretty happy. Shopping can do that to you.

We decided to pop in and say hi to Lars on the way home. Of course we HAD to have a cocktail! It was fairly quiet in the bar so Lars decided to use us as guinea pigs and was handing cocktails to us to taste as fast as he could make them.

We were sitting on our bar stools, shopping bags at our feet with one cocktail in hand and a nice little lineup ready to be tasted!

We were very happy!

Suddenly a customer came in and asked for something really special. Tahnee and I watched as a beautiful cocktail was made and handed to the gentleman. I still remember the look on Tahnee’s face as we saw this yummy drink going past our eyes and into the waiting hand of the man. We were a little bit jealous.

We both turned to Lars. What cocktail was that! We want one of them! And then we looked at the drinks we had in our own hands and all the colourful little glasses full of yummy liquid we had yet to taste.

In one of those weird, (drunken) and inspirational moments we both had an epiphany. We suddenly knew without any doubt the secret to life! We thought we were so wise. We were amazed at our wisdom and clarity of thought!

So here it is, our contribution to fridge magnets everywhere:

The secret to life is to just be happy with the drink you’ve got!

Writing and publishing of The Buffalo Thorn

I honestly never knew it was going to be so hard to publish a book.
Getting this book published has taken such a long time.
Writing the book was the easy bit.
My book wrote itself. Once I turned on my laptop and started to type… the words just flowed. I have felt for such a long time that I had something to say, so it was easy to just let those words pour out of my brain, run down my arm and jump onto the keyboard.
My book probably doesn’t have the correct grammar, or literary nuance or much in the way of professional writer’s stuff. I am not a professional writer, but this book came from my heart, so maybe that will make it a good read.
I have been driven to write because I felt so strongly that I have something to say.
I love the fact that this world is now a huge humming orb of communication. People can have a voice now, in a bigger and far easier way than ever before.
I want my book to join into that eclectic, universal energy that reaches thousands of souls.
My book has a life of its own. I have no idea where it will end up, or to what ends of the earth it will reach. But I am so happy to set it off on its wobbly little legs into the great unknown.
Like any good parent, I will worry and pick it up when it falls, but it is going to fly on its own now.
And I have a feeling that it is really going to FLY!
Stay tuned and watch this space. I guarantee, if nothing else it will be a lot of fun.