It’s so weird when sometimes I have a ’down’ day. A blue day. I just want to eat the pantry, drink a bottle of wine and consume my weight in chocolate. I know the feeling well. Normally I am a fairly ‘up’ person but I had a real shocker the other day.

I thought about this feeling. I really think that when I am having a blue, negative kind of day I am really 100% in my humanness. From this point I see through my negative eyes, I think through my “poor little ole me’ brain and I am not my true self at all.

I think it’s like seeing a huge big pond full of mud and diving in and just wallowing. The feeling is thick, gooey, smelly and just plain shitty.

To get out of this I need to jump back into my ‘I’

From this point I can throw my human a rope and pull me out of the mud.

Once I am again my true self, my soul, and I am observing my human with love and compassion, the world is all right again and I feel that incredible strength inside that tells me that anything is attainable.