Fear is Fake

Kiri, my youngest daughter, is a bit of a chicken. She has been scared of heights since she was little, (she’s 23 now). She loves theme parks but hates the rides.

She has a boyfriend, Jiah, who LOVES the rides, the scarier the better.

Just recently they bought those tickets that allow you to go to Dreamworld all year round. Scaredy cat Kiri knew she would have to conquer her fear of the height and speeds of the big rides.

Jiah had a suggestion.

Just open your eyes and look where you are going. It is so much better than going on the ride and squeezing your eyes shut tight in fear.

Kiri tried it.

It worked!

Of course it worked. When you are afraid of something, you just need to open your eyes and look at it.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is Fake. Look at it, face it and it will go away. Trust me it works, just ask Kiri.


Dear Human

Dear Human,

This is your driver speaking. I would like to tell you to stop trying to control everything.

You are a wonderful vehicle and you can do so much but please leave the steering up to me.

I will take you to places you can only dream about if you will let me.

I will walk your feet through forests of light and shine your eyes on places of infinite beauty if you will trust me to do so.

My time here with you, my gorgeous human, is so that I can learn what it feels like to love another physical body, so that I can understand about kindness and so that I can feel joy.

I will not leave you until it is time for you to go.

But you wont see me if you build walls around me to protect me.

I don’t need protection. I am stronger than you and I can, and will, survive anything.

I have perfect love to show you. You just need to let me.

Stop thinking too much, open your heart and let me flow through you.

I am perfect, so you don’t need to be, you just need to believe in me.

Together we will stumble, fall, pick ourselves up, climb, soar and eventually fly.

And when we do, you will remember who I am.

Because you are me. I am what is real.

And you, my dear human, are my creation.