The Road on which to Travel

The www of Shelley Lee.

I found an old diary from when I was off travelling the world and it’s packed full with so many happy memories. Looking back, I have been so lucky, there is so much that is rich and rewarding recorded in that little book. I used to sometimes write down my feelings and thoughts about the world and mankind. I called it my WWW book, or Shelley’s Wise Words of Wisdom.

I thought I might share some of those little one-line gems that are sprinkled throughout the diary.

‘If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room’

‘Until all of mankind lives in harmony with all of nature, true enlightenment will evade us’

and one of my favourites from Lunig, with picture drawn by gorgeous Sarah…(see photo)

‘Let it go, let it out, let it all unravel. Let if be free and it can be a road on which to travel’

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Do you ever feel like you wished you could stop the world spinning for just a second. I know I do.

The last two months have been crazy for me. New job, new home, and lots of things happening. I feel like I can’t catch my breath, that there is not enough time to do everything, including having some time to do just nothing. I feel like I wished I could stop the world for just a minute so I can catch up.

What is that? Why do we sometimes feel like that.

I believe it is because life as we knew it has changed. We are moving into a whole new ‘timeframe’. Once, we had to wait weeks to hear news from friends on the other side of the world. Now we hear from them instantly.

When I was a teenager and went out at night, I didn’t take photos on a mobile phone to send to friends who would immediately receive them and then comment back. If I did have a camera and had taken a photo, I would wait a long time to see images of that night. Now that process has become instant.

Back then, I didn’t even have a mobile phone. If I wanted to talk to someone, I had to find a public phone and then see if I had any coins to make the call. And then if that someone was out, or didn’t have a home phone, (many didn’t) then I wouldn’t even get to speak to them. And it may have been something I needed to say. It would have to wait till I saw them again.

Our communication, our visual experiences, our entire way of life has changed. And it will continue to do so. Soon, I believe we wont even speak into a little silver box. Soon we will simply think a thought, send it off and receive an instant reply.

Times are changing, and TIME is changing. We need to learn how to master time. How to make it work for us.

Time itself is really irrelevant. Its what we do with it that matters. We waste time and use time in a way that makes life hard. And we do this because we don’t understand that time is an illusion.

Soon we will be able to take control of time and bend it to our will. Slow it down when needed, hold onto it and then speed it up when we need to move on. That’s what I believe anyway. We have managed to control almost everything else in our world. Why not time.

This, I think is stuff for the future, but now is the time for us to begin to understand. And move forward further into this new world where we do more, say more and see more than we ever had before. We fit so much more into each hour and therefore our lives are packed full to the brim. That is why we sometimes feel the need to stop the world for a minute.

I believe that the most important thing to remember is that each ‘moment’ is precious. The world has sped up, immensely, and things are now instant and immediate. But we should still take the ‘time’ to breathe, and appreciate. The importance of appreciation for each and every moment will never change. As long as we still place value on what we have, who we are and the fact that we are here, spending ‘time’ in this reality, we will be ok. And we will move forward into this fast paced and instant new reality with a new understanding of time and the importance of spending it wisely.