The path to a Good Life

“Sometimes it feels as though the path to living a good life seems to be attainable only with lots of effort, years of reading and study, and hours spent learning to sit in impossible positions while meditating and praying.

The way to a good life, we are sometimes told, is to go to a church, perform rituals and make promises you never keep.

Something inside me said it just shouldn’t be so hard”.

I believe with all my heart that we are put on this earth to learn things, to grow and to expand our souls. We have EVERYTHING here that we need to do this. Everything we need and WANT.

Why then are we always waiting. For things to come to us.

There are many explanations for our universe and what we are doing here. There are mystics and books, and psychics and science. We can read, study, meditate and pray.

But the plain honest truth is, we know within ourselves. We know that we can have, be and do whatever we want. We read beautiful posters and keep fridge magnets with positive sayings. We ‘like’ inspirational quotes on Facebook. We know. Deep down inside we know. But we don’t do.

We all know that when your world is dark, you light and candle and then there is light. We should also know that when you want something you need, a new job, money, a soul mate, it is there for you. You just need to know what to do to make it happen. Right? How to make it happen. How to light the light?

Are you ready to know?

That is the subject of my new book.


Well, its been exactly one year since I last wrote a blog here on my site. And that blog was about Time. Why haven’t I written? Ironically because I can never seem to find the time.

That’s not a good thing. The thing is I love to write! When I do find some time, sit down somewhere nice and write all the things that are going through my mind, I love it! Its cathartic. The problem is getting bogged down in just the mundane everyday. Work, sleep and eat and then doing the same thing over and over again. Breaking out of the cycle. Thats we needs to be done, so this is the first blog on my site of my new mindset. Getting things done, one step at at time. And finding my Time again, to do all those things I really LOVE.313330_439386062809957_1309965786_n