A beautiful man

I saw this young man at work today. He was pulled over at the security point because he was wearing a Tshirt that had an offensive word printed on the front of it. The security officer angrily asked to take the shirt off and turn it inside out so that the word couldn’t be seen. Calmly and happily he did as he was told and then moved on through the security point.

It has been my experience that most people are grumpy and snappy when you ask them to do something like that, and they waste no time in telling you how ridiculous it is, this security nonsense at airports.

He came over to me and told me about his shocker of a day. He had just lost his job, he had no money and someone had stolen his passport. But he was still smiling.

You would think that after a day like he had, he would have been angry and argumentative to the security officer that had asked him to remove his shirt.

I wondered why he was so different. I took a good look at him. He had one of those faces that you wanted to look at. It was beautiful. Not aesthetically so much, it was more that it shone with an inner peace.

He just looked happy. His happiness and calm was infectious. He looked like he felt that he was the luckiest man in the world.

As he told me about his day, I realized he was just chatting. He wasn’t looking for sympathy or anyone to help him or do anything in particular. I asked him what his next move was and he said he was heading off to Melbourne to pick grapes.

People like this are needed in this world. They are givers just by their very presence. My day felt somehow better because I met that particular man. I know the security officer that had reprimanded him was somehow changed as well. He came over to me later and mentioned that he felt bad speaking to him so sternly. What an amazing young man, he said. He had only spent maybe 5 seconds in his company, yet somehow the man had shifted him, just a tiny bit. Made him question his own reasons for taking his anger out on him.

I not only think we need more people like him, I want to be like him myself. Shine with an inner peace and happiness. Thats my goal for today!

Its time for adventures!


It is such a sad reality that as we grow older and become mature we forget to realise our Dreams.

What is it that makes us forget the childlike enthusiasm that makes us dream big and fight big to have adventures and laugh, love and LIVE our way through life??

Is it comfort? Does life teach us to find a place that is safe and comfortable like a big old soft lounge chair and then we when we find it, we push out the footrest, sink into the spongy folds and watch the world through the telly, or behind our hands, peeping through fingers that block out the reality of scary and painful things.

From the comfort of our lounge, we feel jealous when we see others having adventures. From our lounge we cry inside and our sadness makes us sink further and further into the comfy folds.

Well, I am here to say, don’t wait until a prickly, stabbing thorn like someone dying throws you out of your chair and causes you to remember your dreams.

Just get up, give the lounge a good old kick and tell it it can keep it’s comfort, it can sit and rot and cry all by itself. You have no use for it anymore!

Want something and question something. Its good for you.

If you have a question, then you have the answer.

Your answer lies in creativity. Use your imagination to find your creativity.

Your creative mind is connected directly to your soul.

Your soul is who you really are.

Who you really are is powerful beyond words.

Therefore trust blindly in yourself. Your questions and desires are good for you. Let them take you to where you are meant to be going.