Its time for adventures!

  October 9, 2014


It is such a sad reality that as we grow older and become mature we forget to realise our Dreams.

What is it that makes us forget the childlike enthusiasm that makes us dream big and fight big to have adventures and laugh, love and LIVE our way through life??

Is it comfort? Does life teach us to find a place that is safe and comfortable like a big old soft lounge chair and then we when we find it, we push out the footrest, sink into the spongy folds and watch the world through the telly, or behind our hands, peeping through fingers that block out the reality of scary and painful things.

From the comfort of our lounge, we feel jealous when we see others having adventures. From our lounge we cry inside and our sadness makes us sink further and further into the comfy folds.

Well, I am here to say, don’t wait until a prickly, stabbing thorn like someone dying throws you out of your chair and causes you to remember your dreams.

Just get up, give the lounge a good old kick and tell it it can keep it’s comfort, it can sit and rot and cry all by itself. You have no use for it anymore!

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