The Road on which to Travel

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I found an old diary from when I was off travelling the world and it’s packed full with so many happy memories. Looking back, I have been so lucky, there is so much that is rich and rewarding recorded in that little book. I used to sometimes write down my feelings and thoughts about the world and mankind. I called it my WWW book, or Shelley’s Wise Words of Wisdom.

I thought I might share some of those little one-line gems that are sprinkled throughout the diary.

‘If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room’

‘Until all of mankind lives in harmony with all of nature, true enlightenment will evade us’

and one of my favourites from Lunig, with picture drawn by gorgeous Sarah…(see photo)

‘Let it go, let it out, let it all unravel. Let if be free and it can be a road on which to travel’

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Do you ever feel like you wished you could stop the world spinning for just a second. I know I do.

The last two months have been crazy for me. New job, new home, and lots of things happening. I feel like I can’t catch my breath, that there is not enough time to do everything, including having some time to do just nothing. I feel like I wished I could stop the world for just a minute so I can catch up.

What is that? Why do we sometimes feel like that.

I believe it is because life as we knew it has changed. We are moving into a whole new ‘timeframe’. Once, we had to wait weeks to hear news from friends on the other side of the world. Now we hear from them instantly.

When I was a teenager and went out at night, I didn’t take photos on a mobile phone to send to friends who would immediately receive them and then comment back. If I did have a camera and had taken a photo, I would wait a long time to see images of that night. Now that process has become instant.

Back then, I didn’t even have a mobile phone. If I wanted to talk to someone, I had to find a public phone and then see if I had any coins to make the call. And then if that someone was out, or didn’t have a home phone, (many didn’t) then I wouldn’t even get to speak to them. And it may have been something I needed to say. It would have to wait till I saw them again.

Our communication, our visual experiences, our entire way of life has changed. And it will continue to do so. Soon, I believe we wont even speak into a little silver box. Soon we will simply think a thought, send it off and receive an instant reply.

Times are changing, and TIME is changing. We need to learn how to master time. How to make it work for us.

Time itself is really irrelevant. Its what we do with it that matters. We waste time and use time in a way that makes life hard. And we do this because we don’t understand that time is an illusion.

Soon we will be able to take control of time and bend it to our will. Slow it down when needed, hold onto it and then speed it up when we need to move on. That’s what I believe anyway. We have managed to control almost everything else in our world. Why not time.

This, I think is stuff for the future, but now is the time for us to begin to understand. And move forward further into this new world where we do more, say more and see more than we ever had before. We fit so much more into each hour and therefore our lives are packed full to the brim. That is why we sometimes feel the need to stop the world for a minute.

I believe that the most important thing to remember is that each ‘moment’ is precious. The world has sped up, immensely, and things are now instant and immediate. But we should still take the ‘time’ to breathe, and appreciate. The importance of appreciation for each and every moment will never change. As long as we still place value on what we have, who we are and the fact that we are here, spending ‘time’ in this reality, we will be ok. And we will move forward into this fast paced and instant new reality with a new understanding of time and the importance of spending it wisely.

Take the time to just breathe. Things will always happen when they are meant too.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. During December and all of January a lot of things changed for me. I moved house, started a new job and generally had a very stressful time. My blog was put on hold. But now I am back. And I have lots of things to write about. 

Sometimes you just have to stop for a minute and breathe. And realise that there is a time and place for everything. While I have been busy my book has continued to be sold around the world.

Yesterday I received an email from someone who found my book by mistake. It was sent to her in error, but she took the time to track down my email address and write to me.

The Buffalo Thorn changed her life, she wrote.

That is what I hoped when I wrote this book. I hoped that someone somewhere would pick it up, read it and be slightly and forever shifted in their path and changed for the better.

When I sent that little book out into the big wide world, I knew it would just snowball into directions that it was meant too. Like a small snowflake it has picked up momentum and is now snowballing down the mountain.

Thanks for everyone who has bought books so far. This is just the beginning. The Buffalo Thorn is going to be the next big thing, and you guys have all been a part of pushing it over the edge.

Stay tuned for more blogs,

Be Kind To Your Human


Fear is Fake

Kiri, my youngest daughter, is a bit of a chicken. She has been scared of heights since she was little, (she’s 23 now). She loves theme parks but hates the rides.

She has a boyfriend, Jiah, who LOVES the rides, the scarier the better.

Just recently they bought those tickets that allow you to go to Dreamworld all year round. Scaredy cat Kiri knew she would have to conquer her fear of the height and speeds of the big rides.

Jiah had a suggestion.

Just open your eyes and look where you are going. It is so much better than going on the ride and squeezing your eyes shut tight in fear.

Kiri tried it.

It worked!

Of course it worked. When you are afraid of something, you just need to open your eyes and look at it.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is Fake. Look at it, face it and it will go away. Trust me it works, just ask Kiri.


Dear Human

Dear Human,

This is your driver speaking. I would like to tell you to stop trying to control everything.

You are a wonderful vehicle and you can do so much but please leave the steering up to me.

I will take you to places you can only dream about if you will let me.

I will walk your feet through forests of light and shine your eyes on places of infinite beauty if you will trust me to do so.

My time here with you, my gorgeous human, is so that I can learn what it feels like to love another physical body, so that I can understand about kindness and so that I can feel joy.

I will not leave you until it is time for you to go.

But you wont see me if you build walls around me to protect me.

I don’t need protection. I am stronger than you and I can, and will, survive anything.

I have perfect love to show you. You just need to let me.

Stop thinking too much, open your heart and let me flow through you.

I am perfect, so you don’t need to be, you just need to believe in me.

Together we will stumble, fall, pick ourselves up, climb, soar and eventually fly.

And when we do, you will remember who I am.

Because you are me. I am what is real.

And you, my dear human, are my creation.



It’s so weird when sometimes I have a ’down’ day. A blue day. I just want to eat the pantry, drink a bottle of wine and consume my weight in chocolate. I know the feeling well. Normally I am a fairly ‘up’ person but I had a real shocker the other day.

I thought about this feeling. I really think that when I am having a blue, negative kind of day I am really 100% in my humanness. From this point I see through my negative eyes, I think through my “poor little ole me’ brain and I am not my true self at all.

I think it’s like seeing a huge big pond full of mud and diving in and just wallowing. The feeling is thick, gooey, smelly and just plain shitty.

To get out of this I need to jump back into my ‘I’

From this point I can throw my human a rope and pull me out of the mud.

Once I am again my true self, my soul, and I am observing my human with love and compassion, the world is all right again and I feel that incredible strength inside that tells me that anything is attainable.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

  • First we are pure soul
  • Then we are our thoughts
  • Then we are our human bodies.

Not the other way around.

The question we should ask is ‘Where am I?

In these three above….where am I?

Where am I in my life here on this earth? Am I living in my humanness, do I feel that I have no control, am I depressed, sad or angry? Or am I aware of things and know how to think positive thoughts, but my life is not going where I want it?

Be pure soul for a minute then you can observe the other two and you will be able to see with clarity that all is good in your world and as it should be. In this place you can create your world the way you want it.

The thing is, we are so glued into our humanness that we think it is difficult to be pure soul.

But it isn’t. It is the easiest thing in the world. The problem we need to overcome is to see that as our reality!