The New Year’s Revolutions.

  January 2, 2015

These are some things that I have set to resolve for this New Year, Revolutions in themselves:

To not be defined by my thoughts, but rather to define my thoughts to fit me perfectly.

To be the Silent Watcher, to observe from that place within me that has no fear or judgement but simply watches and learns.

To listen to the Soul speak. Just under the constant chatter of thoughts, the soul always speaks to me clearly and concisely. What needs to be done is learn to listen.

Let my True Self shine. Who I am and What I am is who you will see.

To know that my imagination is the best part of being in this human body. My imagination will create my world the way I want it.

And finally to Love. Love long, deep and true. With love comes the responsibility of caring, compassion and feeling for others. I take that on with all my heart and look out friends, family and world. My heart is big enough for you all!


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