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About Me

“The point is not to find yourself, it is to create yourself.”


Shelley Lee Wilson is…well, she just is.

How to describe me? I am a blank canvas and the painting I am making of myself is that of an adventurer, a philosophiser and a passionate lover of life.

In 2010 I felt that I had something I needed to say. I started to think about writing a book, but who was I to write a book?

I have always been a deep thinker and have often tried to find an easy and happy way to negotiate the twists and turns through this life.

To attempt to do that can sometimes be overwhelming. Some of the options that we are given are so complicated. There are lots of books on the subject and I feel that some of them are just wonderful, but so complicated and hard to put into practice. There are all sorts of religions, meditations, philosophies and doctrines as well.

I have learnt that there IS a simple way to a good and happy life.

My story is about how I found that way. And it will prove to other people that life IS meant to be amazing and it is not difficult at all to create your world the way you want it.

I did it and I am no one special. So other people can as well.

So in 2012 The Buffalo Thorn was born. It is my baby and holds within its pages all the things I have wanted to say for many years.

Now I can add to my name, Shelley Lee Wilson, published author.